3 months in!



So I jumped on the Jelly Bath Bomb hype. I purchased Marmalade along with alot of other lush products when I was having a bit of a splurge. 

It took ages to fizz and had a lovely fragrance however the jelly appeared in lumps on the surface of my bath – not quite sure how this is supposed to moisturise?

I wouldn’t purchase this again it was £5 pounds ish and I’m not quite sure it lived up to expectations.

Neom Luxury Treatment Candle

I bought this (along with some other Neom goodies) on a sleepless night. The products are designed to destress and aid sleep.

This candle melts and then turns into a body oil.

Firstly the packaging is gorgeous, a thick card box ideal for gifting slides open to reveal a candle complete with golden drip effect.

After burning the candle for half an hour you blow it out and let it cool for two minutes.

Then you pour it onto your skin, the oil is pleasantly scented and absorbs well. Neom then recommend cupping your hands and breathing in the fragrance.

Take care as the oil sets up again quite quickly.

Fly me to the moon

This bad boy was a slower fizzer and turned my water the colour of tropical lagoons! The scent was pretty subtle and the water had a nice shimmer to it. I bought it because it looked fun – not the best bath bomb I’ve had (I like a strong fragrance) so I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

The guest bedroom

2 months ago (or there abouts) I bought a 1930s semi detached ex-rental. I have started attacking all the rooms at once and much to my surprise the second room to be finished was the guest bedroom.

Alot of work was needed – the walls showed serious sign of their age and my Mum spent alot of time finding and filling holes from old shelves etc. The celling wallpaper was a nightmare to get off my Dad spent hours scraping it off but finally after a stressful experience with a floor sander the room was prepped.

Paint was applied and ta da one room is decorated. Furnishing it is next.