Home update.

Here are some of my latest home purchases.

The mirror and flower light are from Ikea.

The hanging light was Debenhams.

The clock was a present from my Grandma and the telelphone table I picked up at The Vintage Home Show.


Lacura Charcoal Mask

After reading this was a dupe for Glamglow I decided to give it a go. It was £5 so a bargain in comparison.

It applied with a slightly gritty texture which wasn’t unplesant and it was dark grey in colour.

My skin felt softer after using it but broke out the next day – maybe my skin purging itself?

Either way I will carry on using it for the moisturing effect.


Spacemasks came to my attention after reading about them in a magazine.

They were slightly pricey at nearly £20 including pandp for 5 masks.

Spacemasks claim you can smell jasmine when the mask heats up but I am 3 masks in and I’ve never smelt it.

However, the warming sensation is impressive. Last night I fell asleep with the mask on it was so relaxing.

Neom Goodies

Being a long time Neom fan my lovely boyfriend treated me to the Neom Christmas selection box.

This however didn’t stop me treating myself in the sale.

The Neom perfume claims to boost energy – I’m not 100% convinced it does this thought maybe I haven’t been tired enough when I have used this.

Neom scent to destress oil is an absolute essential being a teacher. It softens your skin and smells heavenly.