Absent – Winter Gardens Hotel

Scrolling through Facebook (the chief time waster of the modern age) I spotted an advert for Absent – a play I had vaguely heard of in the local area and bonus for the last 3 days it was £10s a ticket. 

After numerous attempts at phoning for tickets we decided to just turn up at the venue.

Upon arrival everyone is in character from the lovely hotel manager to the receptionist.

You guide yourself through a maze of video rooms, wardrobes and corridors through vintage to a modern Blackpool hotel. Following the story of Maggie Morgan, her trail of cigarettes and perfume ever present.

It was an amazing experience, they recommend 45 minutes but we spent at least an hour and a half exploring as we had the hotel to ourselves. The only downside was the attention to detail was begging to be photographed and of course no photos were allowed. 

When we reached the end after viewing the Empress Ballroom like I had never seen it before I can honestly say I didn’t want it to be over.

Well done Leftcoast and everyone else involved in bringing this gem to Blackpool.



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