Running – Great Manchester Run 2017

In January this year I ran a 5km in the Resolution Run in my local park.

After this my love with running came and went and after a summer a way I knew I needed to get started again and what better way than to do double the distance – a distance in fact I have never run before.

So from now till May I will be training hard to achieve my best time. I’m hopeing  for an hour as my 5km was just under 30 minutes, not ground shattering speeds I know but good enough for me.

I have decided to run for The Epilepsy Society, a charity that never interested me until my mid 20s when  I was diagnosed with epilepsy.The diagnosis made me cry and then it made me feel like I didn’t know myself anymore, my first medication made my hair fall out in upsetting amounts and made my mood so low, luckily  now I’m on a new medication and I feel myself again. The Epilepsy Society made me realise I wasn’t alone  and also pointed me in the right direction of some semi appealing medical jewellery. The uplifting stories of others reminds me that I am still me.

So in May I run for them, for me and for all the other members of Team Purple. 


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