Lightpool – Day 1

Stairway to Heaven.

The first night of Lightpool was opened by Captain Kronos.

Who emerged from his space ship which dangled above St John Square in Blackpool. He acrobatically landed in the midst of his followers all of whom were holding lanterns before dancing the night away.

Round the corner a modern Punch and Judy show waited and  next to that stood a small band dressed in Victorian diving suits who proceded to plod around the town followed by seaside projections.

My current highlight is what lies inside Sacred Heart Church. Art work 19 and 20 on the trail.

Pieces of a lighthouse by Yoko Ono.

Goodbye Coco by Micheal Trainor.

To begin with the church was busy with people quick to admire the art and one to many people keen to have selfies with Yoko Onos crystals, after they dissappeared we three had the church to ourselves so we could take time to see the lights cast all over the church but ‘Pieces of a Lighthouse’.


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