Brothers and Sisters by Ron Haselden features lights created from local childrens drawings, spookly the right hand window was still set up for breakfast including menus despite the hotel obviously having shut for business.

The stories under our feet by Elisa Artesero created a meeting spot for teenage couples during my visit.

When the red rose in Blackpool by Steve Messsam gathered lots of interest by the public including some enthusiastic children and their lightsabers.

Cathedral of Mirrors by Mads Christensen can be found inside the winter gardens, the poles change light as you walk between them.


Light lessons by Emma Allen was a piece I wa smost excited to see sadly the security guard kept the lights on the whole time so the wind me handle became useless.

Peacock, an old illumination, has taken up residence on the former Syndicate site to brighten up the carpark.

Brain container by Jo Berry was an interesting spot just of the comedy carpet.

This year LightPool was an improvement my favourite piece is hard to judge but a quiet moment in Sacred Heart Church viewing the reflections of Parts of a Lighthouse by Yoko Ono probably pips the others to first place.

And remember …..


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