She was a daytripper.

Love locks have taken over Liverpool dockside. The fencing al the way along is now covered with these padlocks. I often wonder how many of these couples are still together.

Having never been to Open Eye Gallery before I was surprised by how small it was.However, the exhibition was jam packed full of things and I’d recommend putting your head in if you were in Liverpool. Also the shop had some lovely things in.

Learning about makeup

Last weekend I spent my Sunday at the Jurys Inn Hotel on the docks in Liverpool.

I had a beginners makeup lesson with the Proffesional Association of Makeup.

Vic talked to us about makeup on a range of levels including who owns what and whats really in makeup. 

I learnt how to apply blusher properly as well as how to use lose glitter properly, something I really want to try next time I have a party.

I voluntered to be the model as the rest of the class, who were mainly teenagers, didn’t want to. 

I’d recomend the class to everyone as a way of refreshing your skills.