Lush Spa Liverpool

When I arrived at Lush Liverpool the staff greated me and took my vouncher for my treatment (a present from my boyfriend) and told me browse while I waited for my therapist – an easy task in a lush store.My therapist Emily came and found me and took me upstairs. Through the doors is a world away from the busy shop. We sat at a kitchen table and drank water while we discussed the treatment.

Emily took me to me to the room which had beakers of dry ice and fragrance bubbling away. 

The treatment was heavenly, an all senses experience with music and light being used during the massage.

After I was treated to a drink containing the essential oils which had been used in the treatment. Lush even give you a massage bar and bubble bar to take home so you can carry on the experience. I can not wait to go back.

Multi-Miracle Glow – Charlotte Tilbury


This product has made my skin so soft! It also smells lovely and it is light in texture. 

I have tried this product as a cleanser and a mask and both have made my skin the softest it has been in a long time.

When applied as a mask it felt slightly tacky in texture – though I have read that this means I’ve applied too much.

When used as a cleanser my skin felt soothed and refreshed.

Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask – Charlotte Tilbury

The product was one of my optional free samples when I recently splashed out at Charlotte Tilbury.

It was a very small sample – so small infact I struggled to get one complete application from it.

The product is gel like in its concistency and very light to apply it is gently fragranced and feel hardly there on the skin. However over the course of the evening the classic faketan smell emerged.

In the morning my skin was slightly more bronzed and I feel with multiple applications (the product reccomends up to 3 nights in a row) a more pronounced glow would be visable.

Priced at around £40 I won’t be rushing to purchase this.

Upcycle – kitchen handles

 The kitchen in my house is perfectly adequate – it is just not to my taste. I knew I couldn’t afford a new kitchen so I finally decided to spray the handles and paint the cupboards.

I used Rustoleum copper spray and Wilko primer spray.
 After scrubbing the handles (which were thick with grease -yuck!) I did a double coat top and bottom with primer spray.

I then did three coats of the copper spray.

Really simple and effective – I’m not sure how long wearing this will be but it’s a long term temporary measure.

Taking the garden on

Gardens – a place to relax and enjoy the sun right? Well not just yet. The whole property had stood empty for 6 months resulting in trees and plants growing wild.
 Luckily my family and boyfriend are on hand to help.

Under all thosse weeds is a lawn! A tree surgeon is coming to tackle the forest which has grown. 

The dream is for a patio and stepped beds to feature in the back garden. 

One tiny step at a time 🌱