Multi-Miracle Glow – Charlotte Tilbury


This product has made my skin so soft! It also smells lovely and it is light in texture. 

I have tried this product as a cleanser and a mask and both have made my skin the softest it has been in a long time.

When applied as a mask it felt slightly tacky in texture – though I have read that this means I’ve applied too much.

When used as a cleanser my skin felt soothed and refreshed.

Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask – Charlotte Tilbury

The product was one of my optional free samples when I recently splashed out at Charlotte Tilbury.

It was a very small sample – so small infact I struggled to get one complete application from it.

The product is gel like in its concistency and very light to apply it is gently fragranced and feel hardly there on the skin. However over the course of the evening the classic faketan smell emerged.

In the morning my skin was slightly more bronzed and I feel with multiple applications (the product reccomends up to 3 nights in a row) a more pronounced glow would be visable.

Priced at around £40 I won’t be rushing to purchase this.

Dandelion Twinkle

At the Benefit VIP night I purchased Dandelion Twinkle – saddly it was out of stock. Luckily the Benefit staff posted it out to me. 
The packaging is the class Benefit style – solid cardboard complete with in lid mirror and. This time with a rose gold finish.

 Inside is the trademark Benefit brush which is super soft. The shade is iridesent on the skin and creates a buildable shimmer; perfect for summer.

Nyx Glitter Primer

I love glitter! And I have recently gone wild with purchasing loose pigments too. 

First of all the packaging on this product is gorgeous- both the box and tube feature a holographic label.

The product has a creamy texture and a beige tint. However, it applies clear and dries matte. I patted my glitter on top of the primer and it set it; the glitter remained in place until it was washed off. The product claims to boots the wow factor of your glitter and it does- I used Barry M Glitter Dust and it picked up every tiny holographic particle.

For glitter lovers this is a must buy!

Bareminerals night treatment 

I have been a long time fan of Bareminerals and had often thought about purchasing this product but at £45rrp it always seemed a bit pricey. So when I was in my local beauty outlet and spotted this at £20 in my shade (light) I snapped it up.

The product contains a brush in the lid and is applied with the same principle as the Bareminerals foundation twirl, tap and buff.

First impressions are good, the product is odourless and is so lightweight you can’t feel it on your skin, it also lives up to its claim not to transfer to your pillow.