So I jumped on the Jelly Bath Bomb hype. I purchased Marmalade along with alot of other lush products when I was having a bit of a splurge.

It took ages to fizz and had a lovely fragrance however the jelly appeared in lumps on the surface of my bath – not quite sure how this is supposed to moisturise?

I wouldn’t purchase this again it was £5 pounds ish and I’m not quite sure it lived up to expectations.


Fly me to the moon

This bad boy was a slower fizzer and turned my water the colour of tropical lagoons! The scent was pretty subtle and the water had a nice shimmer to it. I bought it because it looked fun – not the best bath bomb I’ve had (I like a strong fragrance) so I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

Lush Spa Liverpool

When I arrived at Lush Liverpool the staff greated me and took my vouncher for my treatment (a present from my boyfriend) and told me browse while I waited for my therapist – an easy task in a lush store.My therapist Emily came and found me and took me upstairs. Through the doors is a world away from the busy shop. We sat at a kitchen table and drank water while we discussed the treatment.

Emily took me to me to the room which had beakers of dry ice and fragrance bubbling away. 

The treatment was heavenly, an all senses experience with music and light being used during the massage.

After I was treated to a drink containing the essential oils which had been used in the treatment. Lush even give you a massage bar and bubble bar to take home so you can carry on the experience. I can not wait to go back.